Meet the candidates running for San Angelo Mayor: Dietrick Tillis

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – Dietrick Tillis is a native Texan and grew up Fort Worth. He graduated high school in three years the pursued higher education, getting bachelor’s degrees in science and criminal justice.

After working a s juvenile probation officer in Montgomery County, he switched careers and got into healthcare administration and operations, which inspired him to get an MBA. He and his family moved to San Angelo in 2019 after he became the Director of Compliance and Quality Improvement for La Esperanza clinics.

Senora Scott: Why did you want to run for mayor?

Dietrick Tillis: The driving force behind me wanting to run for mayor, when I got out here to San Angelo one of the things that kind of caught my eye was the water boil issue, having to boil water on several occasions. I’d never heard of that before, but it was kind of a common thing out here. After that I started recognizing, noticing the condition of the roads, which brings up the question, how much of an investment is being made into the infrastructure out here. Lastly of course after moving out here and making San Angelo home with my family, of course the first thing you do when home shopping is look at schools and different things of that nature, and one of the things we were able to see is the difference in how schools rank in Houston versus how schools rank out here.

SS: What is the first issue you will tackle if you should be elected?

DT: Bring a focus to our infrastructure. I could take that a couple of different ways. Yes, the water crisis is something that needs to be addressed, the water boil issue shouldn’t be a common thing. When it comes to the infrastructure and fixing the potholes, once we define what the scope of that work is I think we can start prioritizing, let’s start getting those fixed, and I want to start what I call a safe streets initiative. Where basically, once we do start addressing street concerns, I’d like to create like a 3-1-1 type system where residents can dial in if they discover a pothole in their neighborhood and within 72 hours a city worker could come out and address that pothole issue.

SS: What is one sentence or a final message you’d share with someone to convince them to vote for you?

DT: I think I’m just the candidate for change. Plain and simple. If you’re not satisfied with how things are going, I’m the candidate that’s going to bring out change for you.

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