Getting to know your District 72 State Representative Candidates: Lynette Lucas

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A questionnaire was sent to Republican candidate, Lynette Lucas, in lieu of an on-camera interview at this time. These are her responses:

Share a little bit about yourself and your background:

“I, Lynette Lucas have been married for thirty years and we have four grown sons and one daughter by marriage. We have lived in San Angelo for fifteen years. I grew up on a farm, worked in retail, got married, raised my children, was PTO President of a middle school, Assistant teacher at a High School, then home schooled two of my sons while the other two went through public school. My husband and I fostered children for five years, we have lead worship for many churches in the district and are now leading the protestant worship at our Goodfellow Air Force Base.”

Why did you decide to run for the District 72 position?

“I decided to run for State House Representative after I started looking into why the government was getting away with some corrupt practices that are against our Constitution and became very involved with legislation and Washington through The Heritage Foundation, ACLJ, Judicial Watch, various local meetings, and Hillsdale College Free Online courses which I highly recommend. I started trying to get the truth out on social media and to look into who is running for office at every level of government. I had someone contact me and ask if I would consider running for State House so I started looking at the voting records of our State Rep and decided I would run for office. I also testified for and against bills this last session with my own money and on my own time in Austin. It is very important to get the spending under control and to protect our freedoms.”

What are the main issues you would like to address while in office should you be elected?

“The main issues  I want to address are;

  1. Protect our religious freedom and free speech.
  2. Protect and value life from conception to natural death.
  3. To protect our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves by passing Constitutional Carry.
  4. We need a whole lot of accountability to where our tax money is being spent and to get rid of unconstitutional and wasteful spending.
  5. I will be honest and Represent protecting the freedom of all the people in our district.”

What is your ideal plan of action should you be elected?

“My plan of action if elected is to Represent our district and get more self-governing taxpayers involved in knowing what is going on in our State House. I will stand strong for our freedoms and budget what is best for strong families and liberty.”

If you had one sentence to convince someone to vote for you, what would that be?

“Vote for me so I can get to work and do everything I can to stand strong for liberty. “

Favorite animal: Horse

Favorite color: Red

Favorite hobby: Photography

**At this point, attempts have been made and are being made to contact each candidate to offer an interview. If you are running for the District 72 seat and have not been contacted or just announced your candidacy, email Senora Scott to set up your interview at

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