Checking in with District 11 candidates: Jon Mark Hogg

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With the November 3rd election quickly approaching, we wanted to give you another chance to check in with the candidates running for district 11. All three candidates were presented with the same questions.

Jon Mark Hogg is running as a Democrat.

Senora Scott: So after all these weeks of campaigning have your stances changed on any issues? If so, how? Or, if not have the constituents reinforce them in any way?

Jon Mark Hogg: Yes and no. One thing that has been reinforced is just the importance of healthcare and the crisis of rural healthcare. As I’ve gone around the district, which I already knew was an issue, I didn’t realize how big of an issue it was for everyone until we really got the campaign going and really talking to people so that was confirmed. One of the things that that’s kind of changed his views towards decriminalization of marijuana and other things. Those are things that I traditionally, I guess because of my upbringing, have always been opposed  to but listening to people and learning more about the topics I’ve begun to see some merits to those arguments so that’s something that I think of my own perspective that’s begun to change after talking to people.

SS: Should you be elected, are your goals for your new position still the same or have they changed at all?

JMH: They’re still essentially the same. My goals in representing this district is to be a voice for the local area. To not be as focused on what Washington politics wants. To talk about to focus on the primary issues which I think people have expresses, which as I said was affordable health care number one and rural healthcare. Dealing with the COVID crisis though, I think because that hadn’t happened last time we talked, I think the COVID pandemic and the lack of leadership that we’ve had and focus to, we have to do something with the new administration about the COVID pandemic, getting some strategies done so we can have some national leadership getting that under control because it’s essential that we get that under control before the demand for oil and gas goes back up before our economy can really get going again.

SS: Reflecting on your time on the campaign trail what has impacted you the most personally?

JMH: The thing that I really enjoy the most is just seeing so many areas, not just of San Angelo that I had never seen before but in towns all over all across the district. In Eden, in Brownwood, in Sterling City, in Garden City, and all these places, and over in Palo Pinto County, and Hood County. Just getting to meet the people, everyday folks, that you’ve never had the opportunity go and visit with and talk to. That was the best part.

SS: Any final thoughts or messages to the voters? 

JMH: Well just be sure and get out and vote. The last day of early voting is October 30th. Election day is on November the 3rd. Please be sure and get out and vote. It’s not too late if you haven’t already done so to send your mail in ballot in so sent that in. This is a crucial election. It’s going to point the direction for the country over the next decade, 20 years, it is vital that you get out and vote. Whoever you vote for, vote your conscience, but please go vote.

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