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With the November 3rd election quickly approaching, we wanted to give you another chance to check in with the candidates running for district 11. All three candidates were presented with the same questions.

August Pfluger is running as a Republican.

Senora Scott: So after all these weeks of campaigning have your stances changed on any issues? If so, how? Or, if not have the constituents reinforce them in any way?

August Pfluger: No, they really haven’t. In fact, some of them have gotten stronger. We understand what people are thinking in this district and what we see right now with this movement to defund the police and cities with anarchy and chaos and although it hasn’t gotten the coverage in the last two or three weeks, it’s still out there. The constituents here have allowed me to have a little bit stronger voice, and have pleaded in a lot of cases to really  stand up for law and order and things that we right here believe in that we’re seeing other areas don’t believe in.

Should you be elected, are your goals for your new position still the same or have they changed at all?

AP: You know they really are a lot the same. First and foremost, this district is doing things for the country that are helping keep the country safe, that are enabling a prosperous economy. Whether that’s agriculture, oil and gas, an Air Force Base. I see all of those things falling under the national security umbrella. Because we’ve had a pandemic and we’ve been in this very odd time where our economy has been shut down and there’s things that have happened that have been out of the control of farmers and ranchers and the oil and gas industry, and all the people in this district. I think what we need is a strong voice to educate people on the things that we are doing and how important they are not just to this district but to the rest of Texas, to the country.  So, I see myself as that voice. We’ve already been advocating on all of those issues I will continue to do so. So, I think the one thing that is probably a little bit different is that we see just how important it is to be so fiscally conservative that when folks need help that were able to do that. And that’s something that we knew it was a problem six or seven months ago but now it’s highlighted in a way that, we’re going to have to get our spending under control  so that our kids and grandkids have a future.

SS: Reflecting on your time on the campaign trail what has impacted you the most personally?

AP: It is it gives me chills to think about how incredibly supportive people are and how much people want good, strong, moral leadership in Washington. To hear people say they’re praying for me and my family is… I can’t tell you what it means. That’s what this district is, people who want to do the right thing and have their families to be raised in the right way and they’re looking at our leaders, I’m looking to our leaders. We want strong character, we want strong leadership. Just to think that people are actually out there praying for us, and we hear this all the time, is the most incredibly humbling thing throughout this entire process.

SS: Any final thoughts or messages to the voters? 

AP: Get out and vote. It’s so important. This is the most important election in our lifetime and when we started this process 14 months ago, we knew that it was important. Now, with the things that have happened over the past six or seven months, the direction that I see our country potentially headed in, is quite honestly not the direction that the folks here in District 11 want it to go. We need our voices to be heard we are working hard every single day, as hard right now in this general election and even harder than we did in the primary. I would ask everyone for their vote their support, we’re gonna work hard to fight for what District 11 needs, and we’ve already been doing that. So, I would humbly request their vote.

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