Enormous shark near Tampa Bay beaches is a hoax

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CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – No, Jaws is not lingering offshore.

Viral videos and photos of several reported “shark sightings” on Pinellas County beaches are a hoax, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife officials.

Several viewers sent videos to WFLA over the past few months showing what appeared to be a large shark fin popping out of the water near beaches in the Tampa Bay area.

FWC says they reviewed the videos and determined it is a hoax.

“That is a huge dorsal fin and in such shallow water, you would expect to be able to see a portion of the shark’s back and/or the second dorsal or tip of the caudal fin,” FWC Marine Fisheries Biologist Brent Winner explained. “None of those are visible.”

Winner pointed out parts in a video that seemed suspicious.

“Even more suspect are the ‘bubbles’ that come up a few feet behind the fin,” Winner added. “These look like an exhale from a SCUBA diver in shallow water. Not a swirl or anything that was caused by a shark’s movement.”

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