A fish’s deadly, transparent teeth

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This April 2019 photo provided by Audrey Velasco-Hogan shows a dragonfish during a specimen collection session along the coast of San Diego, Calif. The deep-sea creature’s teeth are transparent underwater – virtually invisible to prey. According to research released on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, they are made of the same materials as human teeth, but […]

NEW YORK (AP) — It looks like something out of science fiction, but deep in the ocean lives this apex predator, the Dragonfish. Despite their ferocious appearance they are quite small, measuring around 15 to 26 cm in length. These small fish possess an enormous jaw filled with transparent razor-sharp teeth. 

Scientists have been researching what makes a Dragonfish’s teeth transparent, and they have come one step closer to understanding this strange deep-sea creature. 

On Wednesday, researchers reported that the teeth are made of the same materials as human teeth, but upon closer inspection their microscopic structure is very different. Light does not reflect off of them, rather light passes through, so the teeth are almost completely invisible. 

Other species of deep-sea predatory fish also have translucent teeth, which is believed to be a beneficial trait to help these creatures catch their prey in the deep ocean, where no light can penetrate. 

The Dragonfish for this research were studied about a third of a mile underwater off the coast of San Diego, CA. Their findings are published in the journal of Matter

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