SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — There are currently 37 Texas A&M Forest Service emergency responders actively engaged in Winter Storm Mara response across the state.

The Winter Weather Response Crews are assigned to Texas Department of Transportation Districts (San Antonio, San Angelo, Abilene and Brownwood). Saw crews are on standby throughout the impacted regions and ready to respond to any requests for assistance.

In Fredricksburg, the task force has been patrolling roadways in Kerr County to assist stranded motorists, help keep traffic moving by clearing accidents, gather situational awareness and assist with brine application. Crews have patrolled approximately 300 miles of roadways and assisted with brine application on almost 80 miles split between day and night shifts.

In Eastland, personnel in Merkel and Brownwood are helping to clear ice and snow from roadways. Two motor graders and crews have cleared 426 miles on Interstate 20 and Highway 16 as well as two rest stops in the Ranger Hill area, patrolled 311 miles of roadway and helped to clear a 4-mile-long traffic jam of about 400 vehicles on Interstate 20. The crews have also helped 3 stranded motorists.

In Sweetwater, personnel in the Panhandle are patrolling roadways in Nolan County, working east to Taylor County and west to Howard County. The crew has patrolled 280 miles of Interstate 20 as well as other roads in the area.

Crews are also assisting response efforts in Kimble County. The task force from San Angelo is readying and moving equipment. The crews also patrolled 25 miles throughout the county and helped clear accidents on Highway 83 and Interstate 10.

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