As we enjoy this beautiful weather following our cold front we only saw temperatures get into the mid 70s around the Concho Valley today. Winds remained out of the North-Northeast at 5-10mph with mostly sunny skies all day.

Tonight we’re looking to see these winds shift to more out of the southeast which will see a gradual increase in the humidity over the coming days. Temps should bottom out in the lower 50s for most of us once again tonight.

Going into tomorrow those winds and sunny skies should stay with us which will see a gradual rise in temperatures to the lowers 80s by as early as tomorrow.

Longer range we’re expecting the southerly/southeasterly winds to stick with us for most of this week. There’s a small chance for showers for those in the southeast Concho Valley come Tuesday, but other than that there’s not much in terms of rain. Then another cold snap hits the Concho Valley roughly in the early AM of Friday the 13th that should see another major drop in temperatures but lacking the rainfall we see with most cold fronts.