KSAN Sunday, February 5th Daily Forecast Update

KSAN Weather


Tonight: Mostly Clear, Breezy, Patchy Fog Late, Low: 55

Tomorrow: Areas of AM Patchy Fog, Partly Cloudy, Warm, Breezy, High: 81

Tomorrow Night: Mostly Clear, Breezy, Low: 50

Tuesday: Mostly Sunny Skies, Windy, Hot, High: 84

Wednesday: Mostly Sunny Skies, Breezy, High: 78

Thursday: Mostly Sunny Skies, Breezy, High: 71

Friday: Mostly Sunny Skies, Breezy, High: 74

Saturday: Partly Cloudy Skies, Breezy, High: 80

Sunday: Partly Cloudy to Mostly Cloudy Skies, Breezy, High:66

-KSAN Meteorologist Dan Rupp


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