Good radiational cooling should showcast its face tonight due to calm winds an a dry atmosphere. Temperatures will drop into the 20s and stay below freezing again tonight.

A high pressure will continue to sit over the Central U.S. Subsidence will continue to move in keeping us dry. Monday will be warmer in the 50s and even warmer Tuesday in the 70s.

Eyes are on the next front that will move in Wednesday. Temperatures will drop lower on Thursday into the 40s. A Arctic High will filter in behind the cold front, but things are still up in the air about how cold temperatures will drop due the aimass.

If the cold centered High is anything like this past Arctic this weekend, temperatures could drop dramastically like this past weekend. This is something that will be monitored throughout the week.

We will rebound into the 70s next Saturday, but models hint temperatures returning to the 60s Sunday.