A warm day with highs in the 70s was the outcome today with somewhat breezy conditions. Winds will increase over the next two days due to a tightening of the upper levels as a low pressure systems forms in the northwest part of the U.S.

This will send a weak front that will move into our area but don’t affect our temperatures. The front will push half way through and stall across the state. Most showers will form to our East and Northeast.

A second front will form and could overtake the stalled boundary. This process is called overrunning. If this happens, we could see more rain into Sunday due to the colliding cold air overtaking the warm air. if the cold front does not do the overunning of warm air, it will allow warmer temperatures and less drop in temperatures.

Models currently aren’t in agreement but could become more transparent as the week progresses. What is known now is that Saturday will be the rainiest day here with the chance of freezing rain out of the forecast at this time.