SAN ANGELO, Texas- Summer 2020 was a dryer year for us. This lead to more 100+ days with several days that were just hot and miserable. According to the National Weather Service of San Angelo, the highest temperature for the month of June 2020 was 106 degrees, July 2020 was 110 degrees and August 2020 was 109 degrees.

Summer 2020 Flashback

There were hotter temperatures in summer 2020 than this year with the highest recorded temperature for June 2020 being 106 degrees, July 2020 was 110 degrees and August 2020 was 109 degrees. According to data collected by the National Weather Service in San Angelo (1991-2020), the average of 100+ days in June are 5.8 days, July 10.6 days, and August 9.2 days.

This means that the best chance to see the most 100+ days would be in July and August. This came true for summer 2020, which was when we saw the most 100+ days. However, in summer 2021, we only saw six 100+ days in July and three 100+ days in August.

The hottest temperature for June 2021 was 103 degrees, July was 102 degrees, and August was 101 degrees. This year, we were basically below average for 100+ days based on the average we typically see each year.

What were the days like this summer:

June temperatures for this summer 2021

June started out below average before temperatures began to climb. We saw more above average temps than below average or normal temperatures.

This June, we saw an average temperature of 91.1 degrees which was a little lower than normal of 92.8 degrees. The average minimum temperature was just 0.2 degrees off from the normal for June (1991-2020). Our morning lows and daytime highs were not too off from normal values for this time of the year.

Most of July was below average for this summer. There were 23 below average days with 2 average days. We only saw 6 above average days for the month.

Average versus normal temperatures for July 2020

Maximum temperature in July 2021 was 3.7 degrees lower than normal average temperature for July, which is 96.4 degrees . The average minimum temperature for July this summer was 1.3 degrees lower than the normal average temperature for July (1991-2020). Overall, July was much cooler despite typically being one of the hottest months for San Angelo.

August temperatures for summer 2021

August continued the trend of more below average temperatures than above average temperatures. There were 3 normal temperature days for August overall.

Average versus normal temperatures for August 2021

August was a couple of degrees cooler this year than normal. We were just 0.2 degrees off from normal for morning low average.

What influenced the cooler temperatures this summer:

Even though we saw 15 days of triple digits this year. Overall, we were cooler on average for the Summer 2021. The main influence was rainfall. We saw more rain than average for all three months — June, July, and August — based on climate data

Rain totals for June, July, and August

Rainfall was definitely a factor that kept us out of drought conditions and with average temperatures that were below normal.

The average rainfall we usually receive in June is 2.31 inches, but we saw 2.57+ more inches than average.

If that was not impressive, July is typically dry for us, and we see an average rainfall of 1.10 inches. This year we saw 2.56+ more inches of rain than average.

Lastly, average rainfall totals in August are usually 2.42 inches, but we saw 2.89+ inches this August.

We saw great rain throughout those months and it helped to keep us out of severe drought conditions throughout the summer.

We are still in September and so far have only seen 1 day in the triple digits — September 20 — a record temperature we tied for the day, set in 1953. This September, we have only seen 0.03 inches of rain in San Angelo.

Normal rain totals for September are 1.64 inches. September has been dry so far, but as the Autumn Equinox approaches this Wednesday, we’ll see if we reach near normal rain totals.

All climate data and information is credited by the National Weather Service San Angelo