Well, Rodeo is in full swing once again in San Angelo. Although, it is a little later than usual this year.

So, with Rodeo now being held in April this year, what kind of weather is typical for San Angelo? Here is a general idea of what to expect when heading out to the San Angelo Rodeo.

One of the concerns about Rodeo being held in April, is that April is a typical spring month. While that means warmer, nicer weather, it can also mean springtime showers and thunderstorms.

Many of us are familiar with the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, but does this saying that calls for a lot of April rain hold true for the San Angelo area? The short answer to this question is no.

Monthly rainfall normals for San Angelo, TX.

Historically, May tends to be the wettest month on record for the San Angelo area. With a May average rainfall of 2.90″.

Comparatively, April tends to be a little more on the drier side of things, with a monthly average rainfall of 1.42″. That’s not to say that April does not have its fair share of showers and storms.

Stormy, rainy days do happen in the month of April. In fact, April averages about 5 days of the month with measurable rainfall. With 13 days being the highest number of days with recorded rainfall in the month of April.

April monthly normals for San Angelo, TX.

From rainfall to temperatures, April can have some wild swings in temperatures here in the Concho Valley. The warmest temperature recorded in April was 107º in 1925, and the coldest was 23º in 1926.

Now the day to day temperature in April can have wild swings, but daytime highs average out in the low 80s, and moring lows average out in the low 50s. So, overall the days in April tend to be much more mild than those in February, when Rodeo is typically held.

So for this Rodeo season, expect days to be mild, with daytime highs averaging in the 80s, and morning lows averaging out in the low 50s. Also, a few stormy, rainy days can not be ruled out during Rodeo in April.

-Chief Meteorologist Aaron Ayers
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