It is getting to that time of the year, where the temperatures are starting to rise. On Tuesday, we had our first 90º day of the year.

San Angelo had not recorded a 90º day since October 18, 2020. This makes 170 total days without reaching 90º or above in San Angelo.

When looking at the climate records for San Angelo, our typical first 90º day occurs right around the end of the month of March. To be more specific, our first 90º day occurs right around March 29.

However, we have seen earlier and later starts to our first 90º days here in the Concho Valley. The earliest 90º day in a year, occurred shortly after the new year on January 8, 1969.

According to the climate records, the latest, first 90º day of a year was May 30, 2007.

Typically in San Angelo, we see 90º days from late March lasting through the middle of October. Yet, just like the start to our 90º days, the end of those days can also vary from year to year.

The latest end on record to 90º days is December 30, 1919. This was the last 90º degree day of the year 1919, and also the latest 90º day in a year on record for San Angelo.

Now the season for 90º weather can sometimes come to an early end. Records from San Angelo show that the earliest end to 90º days came on September 2, 2018.

As for this year, we are just staring into our warm season here in the Concho Valley, and we have a ways to go. Yet, not every day from now, until the middle of October will be filled with 90º weather.

-Chief Meteorologist Aaron Ayers
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