This week is Earth Week, and we are taking some time to appreciate and help protect our wonderful planet. This week we will focus on ideas that can help us to protect and be good stewards of the Earth.

First, to help clean up our part of the planet, you could volunteer with Keep San Angelo Beautiful. Keep San Angelo Beautiful (KSAB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to enhance the quality of life in San Angelo.

KSAB is working to create awareness and maintain clean, green and beautiful spaces through art, science and education in our community. KSAB is always working to help clean up and beautify local areas around San Angelo.

To get involved with KSAB or to volunteer, visit their website at:

Another option to help protect our planet is to recycle. Recycling takes items that would otherwise be thrown away, and gives them an opportunity to become something new.

Recycling services are available through Republic Services as an addition to your normal trash collection. To find out more about recycling with Republic Services, click here.

You can also help protect our planet by composting. Composting is when you take food waste and yard debris and break it down into fertilizer for plants.

Composting can easily be done at home, and is a great way to keep additional waste out of landfills. To find out more about starting a compost at home, visit:

There are many other ways to be a good steward of Earth and its resources. Such as: opting into renewable energy sources from your electric provider, changing light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, or reducing your water usage.

While these may only seem like small changes that we make in our lives, they can be the start to new habits that can help protect our planet.

-Chief Meteorologist Aaron Ayers
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