KSAN Weather Blog: Another chance for winter weather in The Concho Valley


Final words on this system: We picked up several inches of snow across portions of the Concho Valley and into the Big Country. Here is how some of the preliminary totals add up:

  • San Angelo – 4-5″
  • Sterling City – 4-5″
  • Brady – 3-6″
  • Menard – 2-3″

The concern for tonight is that many of the area roadways are still wet tonight, and with temperatures expected to fall below freezing tonight many roads will ice over. This will lead to dangerous road conditions across the area through tomorrow morning.

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If you are concerned or wondering about road conditions across the area, or all over the state, check out drivetexas.gov before you leave. This site from TXDOT will let you know what roads may be covered with snow/ice, or where there may be incidents or road closures.

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Update as of Sunday, January 10, 2021 12:30 AM: It is looking increasingly likely that we will see a good amount of snow across portions of the Concho Valley today. All day, our weather guidance models have started to come more in agreement with each other.

This means that we now have a better idea of what to expect across the area. We could see 2-5″ in the San Angelo area with locally higher amounts possible. While areas to the north of San Angelo and in the Big Country could see even higher amounts. With areas to the south expected to get no more than 2″.

*This is a model output of projected snowfall totals across the Concho Valley. The numbers above are just an idea and are not guaranteed.

We will keep you updated on this storm as the hours go on. In the meantime here is the latest forecast.

Update as of Saturday, January 9, 2021 at 2:40 PM: The entire Concho Valley is now under winter weather alerts for Sunday. A winter storm warning from midnight tonight to 6 PM Sunday for Sterling, Coke, Runnels, Tom Green, Concho, and McCulloch counties.

A winter weather advisory from 6 AM Sunday to 6 PM Sunday for Irion, Schleicher, Crockett, Sutton, Menard and Kimble counties. It is becoming more likely that we will see some accumulating snowfall on Sunday leading to hazardous road conditions across the area. Stay with us for updates throughout the rest of the day.

Saturday, January 9, 2021 afternoon update: A few more counties have been added to the winter storm watch today, as chances for accumulating snowfall on Sunday have increased. The new counties added to the watch include Tom Green, Concho, and McCulloch counties.

Not much has changed in the forecast as of now. It still looks like Abilene and the Big Country will be the most likely to pick up on accumulating snowfall.

However, it is becoming more likely that parts of the Concho Valley could see some accumulating snowfall from this event.

We will bring you more information as the day goes on.

Friday, January 8, 2021 evening update: The chances for snow are becoming more likely across portions of the Concho Valley on Sunday. A winter storm watch has been issued for Coke and Runnels counties until Sunday at 6 PM.

There is still some uncertainty with this system including how much snowfall we could see across the area. To understand why there is uncertainty in the forecast, you can read about the possible tracks of the system below.

For now, accumulating snowfall looks likely near and north of I-20 and for portions of Coke and Runnels counties. With possible accumulating snowfall in San Angelo, and the central part of the Concho Valley. While our southernmost counties may not see any accumulating snowfall.

Stay tuned for updates over the weekend, as we get a better idea of how this system will track and how much snow we could see across the area.

You have probably already heard talk about the chance for snow, or seen the snowflake icon pop-up in your weather app. It is true that this weekend brings a chance for some winter weather, but it will likely not be anything like what we saw last week.

First, let me say that if you are still using a native weather app on your phone, you need to swap it out for the Concho Valley Homepage app. Why? Because, the native weather app on your phone simply just spits out model data to your phone. Our forecasts include multiple model guidances, current observations, and human identified pattern recognition. Your native weather app has no human input. Therefore, resulting in a forecast that can change dramatically in just a few hours. You can get the Concho Valley Homepage app on the Apple App store here, or on the Google Play store here.

Now that I am off my soap box about weather apps, let’s get back to the forecast at hand. There is a chance that we could see some snow and rain on Sunday. Right now, confidence in this system is low, mainly because there is not a clear idea on what the track of the system will be.

Currently there are two scenarios that could take place with this system. The first being a northern track system, and the second being a southern track.

The northern track would take the low pressure center to our north, or near I-20. This would result in more rain for much of the Concho Valley and less snow.

The southern tack would take the low south of I-10. This scenario would result in snow for a good portion of the Concho Valley.

It is still very unclear which way the system will actually track, but for now the best thinking is that The Big Country, and some of our northern counties could see some snow on Sunday. While, the rest of us see primarily rain, with some snow mixed in.

This is very much a stay tuned and stay updated type of event for us here in the Concho Valley. Things can and will change, so please stay up to date.

-Chief Meteorologist Aaron Ayers
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