SAN ANGELO, Texas — Shannon Medical Center will be presenting a lecture series at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts beginning Dec. 1.

J.T. Tucker sat down with KLST’s Carolyn McEnrue to share more about this series.

“Katie Artnak was one of the associates at the Shannon Medical Center for many years”, Tucker said. “The Katie Artnak Ethics Lecture Series is starting this year. We are going to do it every other year.”

Dr. Ira Byock will be speaking at the first lecture series this year. Dr. Byock will be talking about caring for an individual through the end of life.

“His message will have a great impact for our folks and our community in our hospital,” said Tucker.

Though this lecture is targeted for those in the medical field, it is open for the public to attend.

“We are going to use the San Angelo Performing Arts Center at seven o’clock and I’m glad to say it is free to the public,” said Tucker.