KLST Weather Forecast 10PM Sunday; June 2, 2019

KLST Weather

All of the rain and flooding we saw today in San Angelo even caused some technical problems at the studio tonight. Dr. Athena Masson may not be able to be on the green screen tonight but she will be walking us through what we experienced today and what we can expect for the next week. 

Roadways are still trying to dry up and unfortunately we do have another chance to see more showers and thunderstorms move in overnight and into tomorrow morning. Rain chances will continue until midweek and one of the factors for all of this rain has to do with a system hundreds of miles away in the Gulf of Mexico. Although not a tropical storm yet, an area of disturbance is controlling a lot of our weather in the Concho Valley. These storms that are forming to our west overnight are being fueled by this system in the Gulf of Mexico. This large system continues to grow and develop in the Gulf, and as it does so, the surrounding atmosphere gets a charge of energy, and this is where we see our precipitation chances increase for tonight and all the way into midweek. 

Expect rain chances to remain high all the way until Wednesday night with conditions drying out by Thursday and into next weekend. Hot summer temperatures will be in store for us towards the end of the week and into next weekend which we really need to help dry out. Stay dry and remember “turn around, don’t drown.”  

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