KLST Weather Forecast; Sunday August 25, 2019


Triple-digit temperatures return to the Concho Valley once again. We matched a record in San Angelo today with a high temperature of 105 degrees. Tomorrow we could be breaking a temperature record with temperatures rising even further.

The start of the work week will be hot and dry, but Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday we have a cold front pushing in from the north that could increase our precipitation chances once again, and even give us a small break from those triple-digit temperatures.

Heat advisories and warnings are in place for the Concho Valley and will begin at noon tomorrow and last until 7PM CST. Make sure to stay cool and hydrated and spend the majority of your time indoors tomorrow.

Here is tonight’s weather trivia question:

Heat produces the greatest number of fatalities in the United States. According to a National Weather Service report, in a 30-year period from 1986 to 2015, an average of about 130 people lost their lives each year as a result of heat.

Unlike other severe weather events, heat waves cover large areas and can last for days or weeks. Heat sensitive groups include the elderly, infants and children.

Data from the National Weather Service

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