KLST Weather Forecast; Sunday August 18, 2019


It was so hot outside today that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk… and we can prove it. The city of San Angelo broke a record earlier today with temperatures reaching up to 107 degrees. The previous record was 105 degrees set back in 1924.

The good news is that we will start to “cool” down for this week, but we are still expecting temperatures to be hovering in the low triple digits.

Heat advisories have been extended for portions of the Concho Valley until Monday, August 19, at 7:00pm CST.

Dr. Athena Masson cooked one egg in a frying pan and also placed one directly on the pavement. Here are some pictures of the egg experiment today:

Around 1PM. Temperature was 100 degrees in San Angelo. The egg on the pavement was just cracked and already the extreme outer edges began to cook. The one in the frying pan looked like a “sunny-side up” egg after just being out in the sun for about 30 minutes.
Around 6PM. Temperature was 105 degrees in San Angelo. Both eggs are obviously cooking. The egg whites are clearly crispy. Most of the yolk is cooked through.
Around 8PM. The final product. Does not look like any type of edible egg, but it did cook. Dr. Masson calls it a “sunny” egg.

The triple digits are continuing to stick around for the next few days, so if you want to try the experiment for yourself (or another one) make sure to take advantage of the West Texas heat.

Here is the weather trivia question for tonight and the answer:

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Water Conservation Status

Standard Conservation

San Angelo is in standard conservation, which restricts outside watering to once every seven days at no more than 1 inch per week. Watering is allowed during any part of the day, but runoff of more than 150 feet down any street, gutter, alley or ditch is prohibited.

Report watering violations by clicking on https://www.cosatx.us/departments-services/water-conservation/report-a-water-violation or calling 325-657-4409. Do your part; be water smart!