For our Thursday, we are looking to have another morning of more cloudy conditions than sunshine. Temperatures this morning will be in the 60s, eventually increasing to the 70s by the beginning of the afternoon. Winds will stay on the calm side, coming in from the east less than five miles per hour. Humidity levels will continue to be higher as we get through the morning and this afternoon as well. Temperatures later today will reach the upper 70s to low 80s for highs. A weaker cold front will move through this afternoon, giving us the 4-5 degree difference for today. Winds will pick up from the east and southeast, but stay on the light side, up to ten miles per hour. Clouds will slowly clear out as we get into the later afternoon hours. Tonight, we are looking to have partly cloudy skies. Temperatures will only drop to the upper 50s to low 60s for lows and winds will be back on the calm side again. For the last day of this work week, we are expecting to have mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will jump back to the low to mid 80s for highs. Winds will continue to be more on the light side, coming from the south up to ten miles per hour. The rest of the weekend now looks to have partly cloudy skies for Saturday and mostly sunny skies for Sunday. Temperatures will continue to be in the mid 80s for many of us for highs. Starting next week Monday, we are looking to be closer to the 90s for highs with mostly sunny skies. Tuesday still looks good for scattered showers and storms, but they will be more in the afternoon than the morning. These storms will be produced because of an excess amount of moisture and a dry line moving through. Temperatures will only be in the 70s for highs Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. More sunshine for the middle of next week as well.