To kick off our Thursday morning, we will have temperatures in the 40s for most of the region. We are looking at mostly cloudy skies to start the day off as well and winds will be on the calm side. Some areas, especially in the south and southeastern portions of the Concho Valley are looking to have more foggy conditions to start off the morning. Visibility is expected to be low in these areas. Sunrise is at 7:25. As we get through the rest of the morning, we will have a slight decrease in cloud coverage. Temperatures will increase to the low to mid 70s by the beginning of the afternoon. Winds will pick up a slight bit from the south around 5-10 mph. As we get through the second half of the afternoon hours, we are looking to have partly cloudy skies for the region. Temperatures are expected to either tie or break records for today, reaching the low to mid 80s around the region. Winds will continue to come from the south as a light breeze around 5-10 mph. Later this evening, we are looking to have partly cloudy skies sticking around. Temperatures will only drop to the 50s and low 60s. Winds will shift a little bit, and still be on the light side around 5-10 mph. For the last day of this week, we are looking to have highs hitting the 80s once again, making it feel more like spring into the beginning of summer. We are also looking to have mostly sunny skies across the region as well. The rest of the weekend will continue to deliver warmer temperatures for the region. Highs will be in the 70s and a bit in the 80s. A cold front is looking to move through the area early Monday morning of next week, so we are looking to have a 20-25 degree decrease in temperatures to start next week. As we continue through the first half of next week, we are looking to have temperatures stay a slight bit above average, only reaching the 60s and possibly the low 70s for highs. Spotty showers continue to look like a possibility for Sunday. Scattered showers now looking more like a case for our region as we get into Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.