Tornado Watches in effect for much of the Concho Valley until 10PM. All the ingredients for severe storms are in place, it is just a matter of when and where those storms begin to develop. The dryline currently sit off to the west of the region will likely see storms pop up along that dryline. Temperatures will drop back into the 60s for overnight lows.

Thursday morning could see a second chances at some isolated showers and storms but the severity will be much lower and the showers will be moving quickly through the area, so significant rainfall on Thursday is unlikely. Conditions will begin to clear out through the afternoon and evening hours with temperatures peaking in the upper 80s.

Mother’s Day Weekend will be a hot one as clear skies allow temperatures to soar up into the 90s for Friday, and over 100 degrees for Saturday through Monday.

Next week, Tuesday and Wednesday could see the next dryline setup for another round of some possible showers and storms in the Concho Valley.