Some spotty showers through the area but most of the region has stayed dry this afternoon as temperatures peaked in the 90s. Clouds will continue to decrease through afternoon and evening hours. Overnight lows will increase slightly compared to the past couple of days with lows in the upper 60s and lower 70s.

Thursday, hot and dry as afternoon highs stay in the 90s and just shy of the triple digit mark. High pressure and the upper level ridge move eastward over the central United States. That pattern will be allowed to continue for Friday and into the weekend.

Saturday, could see a slight chance for some isolated showers as some tropic moisture moves in from the Gulf of Mexico, but most of the rain will be expected to stay off to the east of I-35 along southeastern parts of Texas. Whether the tropic invest area 95L reaches tropical storm or depression strength, it would likely no become too intense due to its proximity to the land and the coast.

Continuing into next week with lots of 4th of July events planned temperatures will remain in the upper 90s with mostly clear skies going into the month of July.