The warm start to December with temperatures climbing into the 80s across the Concho Valley. Mostly clear skies will remain in the place for the next couple of days. Some upper cirrus still moving through the state but that is not affecting the temperatures.

Tonight winds will calm down with overnight low falling into the 40s with some clouds moving into the area.

Thursday, possible record highs as temperatures will return to the 80s once again. The record for San Angelo is 83 degrees with a forecasted high of 81 as well. Friday will also see temperatures in the mid and lower 80s but the record for Friday will be 88, and unlikely to be tied or broken.

Slight cool down for the weekend allowing temperatures to fall back closer to average for this time of year. Sunday could see an isolated shower or two possible as the cooler air moves into Texas, but most of the rain chances will stay off to the east of the region.