We saw some showers and thunderstorms across our area last night that really added on to our rain totals. The official amount recorded in San Angelo was 2.27 inches of rain so far on this Tuesday. We had a cool start to our morning, as well as some foggy conditions in some portions of the area. Through the afternoon we saw a few isolated light showers, and temps only warmed to 77 degrees for our afternoon high here in San Angelo. As we go into our evening our skies will remain cloudy and we will start to see some showers through the area for our overnight hours. Temps will cool to the mid to upper 60s for our overnight lows.

Looking ahead to our Wednesday some areas will start the day off with some fog and we will see afternoon highs a tad bit warmer than what we saw today with highs expected in the lower to upper 80s across the area. We will see showers through our morning hours across the area. Through the evening we hold on to the chance at seeing showers for us here and temps will cool to the mid to upper 60s once again for our overnight lows.