Winds increased out of the east and northeast throughout our morning as well as leading into our afternoon on this Tuesday. Our peak gust so far here in San Angelo at 35 mph. Winds will continue to decrease as we go through the rest of our day. Afternoon highs for the area remained in a fairly small range and most of us saw the low 60s with possible mid 60s. We’ve seen mostly cloudy skies as well, though these clouds being high level and in the cirrus family so not completely covering the sky and blocking the sun from reaching us. Though our UV has remained fairly low today due to this unseen ‘shade’. Going into our overnight hours our temps will start to fall once again dropping all the way into the mid 40s for lows. Moisture will increase through the mid and low levels and we will see some spotty showers through the Concho valley going into our evening hours, Winds overnight will be out of the east at 5-10 mph.

Very calm conditions for our Wednesday, temps increase for our afternoon with highs reaching the low 70s. Skies start to clear and we’ll see mostly sunny conditions. Winds tomorrow will be out of the east at 5-10 mph. Going past sunset we cool to the mid 50s. Winds overnight shift out of the south and start their increase up to 10-15 mph. Clouds also start to increase overnight.