Less rain across the region compared to yesterday, but some lingering isolated showers continue through the afternoon and evening hours. Similar to last night, any showers and storms that do develop will begin to weaken afternoon sunset and diminish through the overnight hours. Temperatures across the region are still slightly cooler with most afternoon highs in the mid and lower 90s. Tonight, lows will slide back into the 60s.

Wednesday the region begin to dry out, though one or two isolated showers could be possible the rain chances will begin to decrease for most of the region.

Temperatures begin climbing back up into the upper 90s heading towards the weekend but could be held shy of the century mark by some increased cloud coverage from the Gulf of Mexico. That area of cloud coverage sitting in the Gulf right now is being watch by the National Hurricane Center which has a 40% chance of tropical storms develop in the 2-5 days. That increased moisture could spark some rain chances for Saturday but most of the precipitation will stay to the southeast.