Yet another chilly and cloudy start to the day. Slippery roads, tree branches frozen, and ice all over cars as well. Many members of the Concho Valley busting out ice scrapers so that they can get out and about. We haven’t seen any heavy freezing rain this afternoon, just some freezing drizzle. A very cold afternoon with afternoon highs in the mid to upper 20s, though wind chills in the upper teens and low twenties. These winds out of the northeast around 10 mph. Into the evening, temps continue in the 20s with lows in the low to mid 20s overnight. Wind chills stay pretty similar as well, seeing them still in the upper teens and low 20s. Our chance at seeing some freezing rain increases tonight, as we pass midnight. This expected to continue through the overnight hours, possibly shifting to some wintry mix, with sleet and freezing rain.

If you saw the roads this morning and thought yikes, just wait until you wake up Wednesday morning. Roads will worsen as we continue to see this precipitation accumulate. Freezing rain and wintry mix continuing across the Concho Valley throughout our morning and afternoon, with an increased intensity compared to what we saw today. Afternoon highs near freezing and in the low 30s, with much of remaining below freezing. With added wind chills, it will feel in the upper teens to mid 20s as you head outside. These winds out of the northeast continued around 10 mph. Precipitation continuing into the evening and overnight with freezing rain and wintry mix once again for the area. Lows drop into the 20s again, with winds decreasing to about 5 mph, and shifting now out of the east northeast, and shifting after midnight out of the north northwest.

Thursday morning, on Groundhog Day, we continue some chilly temps though as we go into our afternoon, any precipitation we receive will have shifted to some scattered rain showers. Afternoon temps increase into the upper 40s for our afternoon highs. Allowing most of our ice to melt off of our roads, and start to run off. Winds out of the north northeast ranging from 5-10 mph. Temps return to below freezing overnight with lows in the mid to upper 20s. We also see most of this moisture push out to the east and allowing us to see some mostly clear overnight skies, and winds out of the north northwest around 5 mph.