Way above average temps this afternoon, with afternoon highs, even warmer than our afternoon yesterday, reaching into the upper 80s almost touching the 90s here in San Angelo. We’ve also seen some slightly breezy conditions throughout our Tuesday with winds out of the south southwest around 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph at times. Mostly sunny conditions as clouds had pushed out of the area yesterday. Going into our overnight hours we see temps cool, but only into the mid to upper 50s for our overnight lows. Clouds build back into the are through the evening and we’ll see possible showers through the area into our late night hours, though isolated and not very long-lasting. Winds still out of the south southwest at 15-25 mph with gusts even stronger than what we saw throughout the afternoon and up to 35 mph.

Skies clear into our morning hours with sunny conditions throughout our day tomorrow. A slight cool down in our temps through the afternoon, though afternoon highs still reach into the mid to upper 70s, continuing our above average temp trend. Winds increase for our Wednesday with them out of the west southwest 20-25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Going into our evening we get a little cooler than the night prior with lows dropping to the mid to upper 40s. Winds remain pretty hefty and are out of the south southwest at 15-20 mph, though decreasing as we get further into the night and pass midnight. Skies remain clear overnight with few to no clouds through the Concho Valley.

Temps gradually getting a little cooler, hence our afternoon highs for Thursday only reaching the low 70s. Though still a warm afternoon, especially with winds returning to a mostly calm state and out of the west around 5 mph, shifting out of the east further into the day. The sun remains shining as we see sunny conditions throughout the day, and passing sunset we start to build some clouds into the area, covering most of the sky. Temps return to the upper 40s for overnight lows.