Another afternoon where we’ve broken our daily record for afternoon highs here in San Angelo, with our high increasing to 109 degrees this Tuesday afternoon. We’ve also seen a continuation of our excessive heat warnings and heat advisories that are now in place until tomorrow at 9PM and are likely to be extended through the rest of our workweek as well as into the weekend, as we aren’t expecting any cooler temperatures for our area any time soon. We’re also seeing red flag warnings across the majority of the area as well with these dry conditions still in place as well. Skies today have been sunny and blue once again. Winds have been out of the south around 15 mph. As we transition into our evening hours we will slowly but surely cool down to the lower 80s and possible upper 70s for our overnight lows. Skies will remain mostly clear through the night, but a few clouds could be seen in the area. Winds have been out of the south around 15 mph with some slightly breezy conditions as we may see gusts up to 25 mph through the nighttime.