No major changes in the forecast through the rest of week and into the weekend as hot and dry conditions persist throughout the Concho Valley. Temperatures peaked in the upper 90s and low 100 once again with some afternoon cumulus clouds developing. Tonight, lows will slide back into the mid 70s and clouds will begin to dissipate.

Heat Advisory in effect for June 24th from 1PM until 9PM and will likely see it again for Saturday as temperatures are expected to reach into the 100-105 range across most of the area.

Next week, as cold front will begin to move into the region and state bringing some cooler temperatures and scattered rain chances. Afternoon highs will drop from near 100 back down into the mid 90s, showers and storms will scattered in nature, not likely the drought buster we would be hoping for but any rain is beneficial as the region moves into the drier summer months.