Some increased cloud coverage across the Concho Valley. Strong storms along the Texas Panhandle but should stay out of the area for this evening. Temperatures were slightly cooler thanks to increased cloud coverage, with afternoon high reaching up into the 80s.

Friday, the dryline moves back into the region increase the chances for those afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. Some of those storms could be severe with great concerns being the large hail and strong winds. The dryline will likely only develop one or two storms at first, those storms will have the greatest chances of seeing large hail, as the evening progresses, more storms could build along the outflow boundary with strong winds becoming the bigger threat into the evening.

Rain chances will continue into the weekend with Saturday and Sunday seeing some widespread storms but less severe or intense.

Starting next week, rain chances will be present, but lower and much more isolated in nature with temperatures staying in the 80s and 90s through the next seven days.