Winds definitely calmed down from what we were seeing yesterday. Seeing winds at about 5 mph and out of the west southwest. A cooler afternoon with afternoon highs closer to average, and in the low 60s. Couple of clouds in the sky throughout this afternoon as we’ve been seeing mostly sunny skies. As we pass sunset we see winds continue their very calm behavior, at about 5 mph, though shifting now out of the east southeast. A cooler night once again into the mid to upper 30s for our overnight lows. Cloud coverage remains similar overnight with partly cloudy skies.

Temps warm up for our tomorrow with afternoon highs in the mid to upper 60s for some and some hanging into the 50s. Some clouds throughout our morning, but we become sunny throughout the afternoon. Winds out of the east at 5-15 mph. Going into the nighttime we see temps start to drop, and going as far as the low 40s for overnight lows. Clouds increase once more for the overnight hours and winds shift out of the southeast still at 5-15 mph.

To start our weekend we see a weak cold front come through the area dropping afternoon highs back to the low 60s, though much of the afternoon we see 50s. Increased cloud coverage for the afternoon with one or two drops of rain possible, but any chance of actual showers will stay to our southeast. Winds for our morning are out of the south southwest at 5-15 mph, and shifting to the west northwest through the afternoon. Temps drop close to freezing overnight with lows in the low 30s. We’ll see mostly clear skies overnight, and winds out of the northwest at 5-10 mph.