A nice day outdoors for the Concho Valley with temps reaching the low 60s for our afternoon highs. Still seeing sunny skies though some clouds will build into the are overnight. Winds calmer than what we were seeing yesterday out of the west at 10 mph. Temps cooling down again tonight for another cold night with lows in the low 30s and possible upper 20s. Winds continue for our overnight hours out of the west northwest at about 5 mph and becoming calm the further we go into the evening.

Cooler temps expected for us for our Friday as highs only raise into the lower 50s. We see mostly sunny conditions as some clouds return to the area, winds out of the northeast at 5-10 mph throughout our afternoon. As we pass sunset temps will drop into the low 30s once again with some of us towards the northern parts of the Concho Valley dropping into the upper 20s. We continue partly cloudy skies into our night time hours and winds out of the northeast at 5 mph once again becoming calm further into the evening.

Cooler temps continue to stick around as we head into our weekend for another chilly day Saturday. Temps in the low 50s once again for our afternoon highs. Sunny conditions return to the area with calm winds for our afternoon as well. Going into our nighttime hours we see temps drop into the low 30s, slightly more warm than the previous couple of nights. We continue mostly clear skies into those nighttime hours as well and winds remain calm.

To end our weekend we see temps start to increase slightly with afternoon highs raising to the mid 50s across the area. We see cloud coverage build back into the are as we actually see mostly cloudy skies. Winds start to increase out of the south at 5-15 mph throughout our afternoon and going into our evening and overnight hours we see winds still out of the south at about 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. Temps cool down into the lower 40s for overnight lows, though warmer than the previous nights still a chilly night to head outdoors.

Temps continue to increase for our Monday as highs increase back to the 60s. A beautiful day to head outside, mostly sunny conditions allowing us to warm up as that sun shines down on us. Winds out of the south southwest at 5-10 mph for our morning, shifting out of the west for those afternoon hours and becoming calm and out of the north northeast for our evening. Temps cool into the mid 30s again for our overnight lows as we cool back down as we go into next week.