Another warn and above average temperature day across the area. Our afternoon high only got to 99 degrees for this Sunday afternoon, which is slightly cooler than the triple digits we’ve repeating lately. Skies have had on and off clouds and we’ve been seeing some isolated showers especially for our south and southeastern portions of the Concho Valley. As we go into the evening we will see some showers move into our northern counties and drift towards the central portions of the area before dissipating. Temps will drop to the upper 60s and lower 70s for our overnight lows.

Looking ahead to our Monday as we start our workweek we will see afternoon highs remain in the 90s. We will see showers across much of the Concho Valley throughout our later afternoon hours. As we go into our evening hours our showers will continue to move off to the south. Temps cool to the mid to upper 60s for our overnight lows.