Beautiful clear skies across the Concho Valley today, seeing very calm conditions, and perfect temps to head outdoors and enjoy some Halloween activities. We’re seeing an afternoon high in the mid to lower 70s for the area. Though we might get a little chilly tonight seeing the 40s again with lows in the upper 40s.

For our Halloween forecast we will continue similar conditions with calm skies, but increased cloud coverage. We will increase our temps slightly with afternoon highs in the mid 70s, though still beautiful fall, or should I say beautifall conditions. We will cool back down into the lower 50s for our overnight lows so bring an extra jacket as you head outdoors to enjoy some Trick-or-Treating.

Tuesday we will stay very similar to Monday with highs in the mid 70s, possible showers for our southern counties very early Tuesday morning. We will cool down into the 50s again for overnight lows.

We will start to increase our temps on Wednesday with our afternoon highs approaching the 80s, reaching the upper 70s. We will continue to cool down, but only getting into the lower 60s for overnight lows.

Thursday we continue to warm up, with afternoon highs reaching the 80s. We will also be seeing some breezy conditions across the area. For our night time hours we will cool down into the 60s, and possible showers across the area as well.

These showers continue on Friday at 30% and the breezy conditions also stick around. our temperatures will start to drop, and we will see an afternoon high in the upper 70s. While returning to the 40s again for overnight lows.

Similar conditions follow on Saturday, with possible showers at 20%, and breezy conditions still around. Our afternoon high will drop to the lower 70s and possible upper 60s, while overnight lows drop to the low 40s.