A little bit more chilly today than anticipated, again seeing the majority of today in the 30s for much of the Concho Valley. We will have another chilly night tonight as we cool down into the mid 30s once again. Though winds will be fairly calm and we will continue our mostly cloudy conditions that will gradually start to decrease going into tonight and into tomorrow morning as well.

Temps finally start to increase as we see highs in the upper 50s tomorrow as the clouds start to decrease, allowing some sunlight in to warm us up, and also some winds out of the south to bring some warmer air into our area. Still seeing colder temps into our overnight hours though with lows still in the mid 30s.

Tuesday our temps continue to increase as we see our temps reach the 60s, finally reaching some more fall like temps, with highs in the low 60s. Our overnight temps also increase as we see our overnight lows in the mid 40s.

Wednesday we continue our warming trend as our highs reach the mid 60s. Again increasing overnight lows as well with our lows reaching the upper 40s now.

For our Thanksgiving forecast we will see similar afternoon conditions with our high in the upper 60s. Partly sunny skies so we will be able to see the sun and this also allows us to warm up, though those clouds restrict it from warming up too much as we’re still in those fall like temps. As the temps start to increase we will also see our wind speeds increase, we will see winds out of the west southwest at about 10-15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph for our morning hours that will start to shift out of the north as we go into our afternoon hours, allowing some chilly temps to make their way to the Concho Valley for our overnight lows to return back to the mid to upper 30s.