We started our Monday off with some showers across middle portions of the area. Temps remained cool through our morning hours and we only got up to 96 here in San Angelo, which while this is still above average, it’s another cool down from what we saw yesterday. As we go into our evening hours we’ll see some spotty showers pop up around 6 PM, and as we go further into our night around midnight we will see a bigger area get engulfed in some thunderstorms with a good chance of being severe. Main threats tonight will be hail and large gusts of wind. Temps cool to the mid to upper 60s for our lows overnight.

Looking ahead to our Tuesday we will see a cooler afternoon as afternoon highs settle to the 80s across the Concho Valley. We’ll see some showers through our Tuesday afternoon as well and as we transfer into our evening hours. Evening temps cool to the mid to upper 60s again for overnight lows.