Warm, windy, and cloudy. Three words for our afternoon today. Afternoon highs climbed this afternoon once again reaching the upper 70s, surpassing average as well as what was expected for this Monday. Winds started their rise out of the south southwest at 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. As we’ve looked to the sky this afternoon, we’ve also seen plenty of clouds building up as moisture has been blowing into the area. As we go through our evening and start to look to our overnight hours we will see temps drop down into the upper 40s for our lows. Clouds will clear out for a bit, but then build back up into our morning hours as well as some possible showers throughout the Concho Valley. Winds shift more out of the south and start to calm slightly, only seeing them at 5-15 mph, and shifting once more as we pass midnight– out of the north northeast.

As we wake up tomorrow we could be seeing some patchy fog through the area though not lasting long, and dissipating as we pass 9 am. Also, though these warmer conditions have been so beautiful and enjoyed, they aren’t here to stay. We have a cold front arriving in the Concho Valley into our early morning hours dropping our afternoon temps throughout the day so seeing our afternoon highs actually take place in our morning hours with that high ranging from the low 50s to low 60s, depending on how far south you are. Of course this is due to this cold front arriving sooner for the northern parts, and moving south allowing the northern counties to stall in the 50s, though some southern parts may reach the low 60s. After this frontal systems reaches your area, the temps will start their decline and continue this all the way through the afternoon and into the nighttime hours. With the arrival of this front we will have extra moisture in the air, increasing our cloud coverage as well as some possible showers. Winds out of the north for our Tuesday at 5-15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Temps continuing to cool through our overnight hours tomorrow with lows all the way into the upper 30s, for a much cooler night than what we’ve been seeing. Clouds continue in the area, as well as holding onto some isolated showers. Winds for our nighttime hours still our of the north though at 10-15 mph with gusts up to 20 mph.

Possible showers sticking around for our very early hours Wednesday. Clouds move out to the east throughout our afternoon. Afternoon temps get into the mid 50s for afternoon highs. Winds shift out of the west northwest at 10-15 mph, not as breezy as the day prior. Going past sunset temps drop with lows back in the upper 30s. Clear skies overnight, with winds out of the west southwest at 5-10 mph.