Seeing some cooler temps across the Concho Valley today for our Veterans day. A cold front made it’s way to our area last night, dropping our overnight lows last night, and even bringing some rain that we received this morning. We saw afternoon highs sitting in the low 50s across the area today. We’re continuing some slightly windy conditions across the area as well out of the north at 15 mph that will calm down as we go further into today and into our overnight hours. We have a freeze warning for much of Texas tonight, and it includes us here in the Concho Valley, so make sure you stay bundled up, and take all of the precautions as this is our first freeze of the season. We will see lows tonight in the upper 20s and lower 30s.

Tomorrow will be similar to today with our afternoon highs in the mid 50s, we will continue to see some winds out of the north at 5 mph, that will shift out of the east as we go into our afternoon hours, and as we head into our overnight hours they shift out of the southeast. Tomorrow night will be cold as well, seeing similar temps to what we’ll see tonight, take the same safety measures for Saturday night, make sure to bring plants and pets inside, and if you yourself are planning on heading outdoors make sure you wear multiple layers. Overnight lows will be in the low 30s once again.

We will have a slight increase in our temperatures for Sunday as our afternoon highs will increase to the lower 60s. Winds will be out of the south southeast at 5-10 mph for our morning hours, but increasing to 10-15 mph as we go into the afternoon. Another cold night for Sunday night, but at least it warms up into the lower 40s as opposed to those low 30s and upper 20s. Winds will mediate at 10 mph out of the south southeast.

For the start of our work week we continue to see our afternoon highs increase slightly, reaching the mid 60s for our afternoon high. Some isolated showers could come through the area as another cold front comes through, bringing breezy conditions as well out of the south southeast at 10-15 mph in the morning, and becoming north northeast into the afternoon hours with gusts up to 25 mph. As we go into our overnight hours we see those colder temps once again as we see overnight lows in the low 30s once again, a second freeze possible, we will keep you updated as we get closer. Winds out of the north at 10-15 mph for Monday night, and gusts up to 25 mph as well.

Our afternoon highs drop once again Tuesday, seeing those effects of the cold front the night prior to. Afternoon highs only reaching the low to mid 50s. Again freezing temperatures for Tuesday night so a good week to stay inside. Overnight lows seeing the low 30s.