A slightly humid afternoon for our Friday. Temperatures rose into the mid to upper 80s for our afternoon highs. We’ve seen some severe storms across the state of Texas, tornadoes and hail have been seen across areas of the state. These storms have barely reached into the western portions of the Concho Valley. These winds associated with these storms have been increased, seeing gusts over 60 mph here in San Angelo. As we go into the evening we will see these storms continue to move southeast. Skies will remain cloudy and temps will drop to the mid 60s for our overnight lows.

For our afternoon tomorrow we will see temps in the mid 80s to upper 80s and even possible lower 90s for our afternoon highs. We will see mostly sunny skies, but isolated storms will start to form into our area through our afternoon hours. These storms may produce large hail, and will bring gusty winds to the area once again. As we head into the evening hours we will see temps drop to the low to mid 60s for our overnight lows. Skies will be mostly cloudy and we will continue our rain chances through our early evening hours, with showers dissipating through the overnight hours.