Hurricane Dorian continues to strengthen in the Atlantic as it moves closer to the U.S.


Category 1, Hurricane Dorian is quickly gaining strength as it continues west-northwest towards the Bahamas and Florida.

Dorian is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane and is currently forecasted to be a Category 4 storm as it approaches the east coast of Florida.

Tune into Tropical Thursdays tonight with Chief Meteorologist Noel Rehm and Dr. Athena Masson for all the latest information regarding Dorian.

Hurricane Hunters are continuing to fly into Hurricane Dorian gathering vital information on strength and direction.

NOAA49 is now en route to Dorian with the first all female three-pilot flight crew featuring Capt. Kristie Twining, Cmdr. Rebecca Waddington, and Lt. Lindsey Norman.

They will be monitoring the progression of Dorian over the next several hours and deliver back vital information to the National Hurricane Center. They are scheduled to land back in Lakeland, Florida at 9:04PM EDT.

The National Hurricane Center will issue the next advisory on Hurricane Dorian at 4:00PM EDT.

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