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The super continent Pangaea. Picture courtesy of

If you look at a globe, or any world map, you will count seven continents. However, well before humans existed on the planet, there was only one large land mass, known as Pangaea. This large land mass is said to have formed about 335 million years ago, and began to break apart 160 million years later. Slowly, this break away became the seven continents we know and are familiar with today. However, several active volcanoes, as well and the continuously shifting tectonic plates, the Earth will always be moving the continents across the globe, which could, hypothetically, cause the continents to shifts back together hundreds of millions of years from now. Some evidence does show how the land mass was once connected. For example, dinosaur fossils found in the eastern edge of South America are identical to fossils of the same dinosaur species in West Africa. For more information about how land on the planet has evolved, you can visit: 

Mountains formed from continents colliding. Courtesy of National Parks Service.

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