SAN ANGELO, Texas – San Angelo experienced some severe weather this week, leaving some with the question, was that rainfall enough to bring us out of those drought conditions? Unfortunately, because it’s so windy, it’s like that rainfall never happened.

“It was definitely helpful but in terms of drought conditions, we really don’t expect a whole lot. If we had seen amounts closer to one to two inches, that may have alleviated the drought a little bit,” said Christopher Daniels.

Daniels shares with us some shocking stats noting that we are below the normal average of rainfall in the month of March as well as for the year.

“Since November 3rd, we had only a half an inch of rain up to yesterday,” explained Daniels. “So we had, in actuality, the same amount of rain that we had in an almost 5 month period.”

Although San Angelo is in a drought, Allison Strube with the City of San Angelo tells us we are more than prepared with extra water on standby.

“As of January 1st, we are sitting at 62 months of water supply for the City of San Angelo,” said Strube. “The 62-month calculation does assume no in-flow into our reservoirs during that time period so it is a worst-case scenario.”

With the lack of rain and high winds, red flag warnings and drought conditions are expected to continue.