Twin Buttes reservoir breaks 100K acre-feet

Steady ongoing increases by runoff continue to raise iconic reservoir's level

Twin Buttes reservoir breaks 100K - At 2:00 p.m. Friday, December 7, 2018, the Twin Buttes reservoir broke the 100,000 acre-feet (AF) mark in amount of water impounded in its basin. As of 10:00 a.m. Saturday, the reservoir contained 100,655 acre-feet (32.7 billion gallons) of water within its banks.

The reservoir has been steadily increasing the amount of water impounded since heavy rains in September and October of this year caused widespread, and in some cases, deadly flooding in our area of the state.

The boost of yesterday's rainfall helped accelerate the water inflow just enough to break the 100K acre-feet mark, allowing Twin Buttes to join the E.V. Spence and O.H. Ivie reservoirs with 6 figures of acre-feet impoundment. 

O.H. Ivie leads the reservoirs with over 255K AF of water, followed by E.V. Spence at 135.8K AF, and Twin Buttes joining the ranks at 100.6K AF.

Together, the six Concho Valley reservoirs now hold over 181.3 billion gallons of water, representing 39% of total combined capacity.

For the latest reservoir status, see the link at the bottom of this list of rainfall totals measured yesterday.

Precipitation for the 24 hours ending about
7 a.m. Saturday December 08, 2018

Reporting Station/Location Rainfall Amount
San Angelo - 3 ENE Fire Sta #3 2.10
Mertzon 14 SSE 1.58
Christoval - South Concho Rvr 1.42
Christoval 3 SSW 1.40
Wall 2 E 1.39
San Angelo NWS 1.35
San Angelo 3 SW 1.35
San Angelo 2.5 SW 1.34
San Angelo 3.5 WSW 1.34
San Angelo 3.3 WSW 1.30
San Angelo 4 WSW 1.27
San Angelo - Mathis Field Airport 1.26
San Angelo 5 SW - Fire Sta #2 1.21
San Angelo 2.5 NW 1.19
San Angelo 4 WSW 1.18
Ballinger 1.17
Carlsbad 2.4 WNW 1.15
Water Valley 4 N 1.15
San Angelo 7 NW 1.10
Tankersley 7 NW 1.10
San Angelo 4.1 WSW 1.06
Mertzon 3 NNE 1.04
San Angelo 2 WSW 1.00
Mertzon 12 NNW 0.88
San Angelo - O. C. Fisher Lake 0.72
San Angelo 8 SW - Twin Buttes 0.41



For the latest statistics on the six Concho Valley reservoirs, please click below:

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