Twin Buttes equalizes, first time since 1994


The Twin Buttes Reservoir reached a milestone not seen in 24 years: at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, October 28, 2018, both the south and north pools reached “equalization” — becoming a single body of water.

The water elevation in the north pool reached and surpassed the 1926.50′ elevation measurement, thus technically being high enough that the water level in it and the south pool are the same. From that point on, any water that flows into the reservoir from any source adds to the now-single-body-of-water Twin Buttes and all bodies of water, including the equalization (EQ) channel, rise equally.

The transformation of the reservoir from September 4, 2018 has been dramatic. Heavy rains from multiple events (hurricane, cold fronts) resulted in a current 35.16′ foot vertical rise in water level with an additional 82.5K acre-feet (26.9 billion gallons) of water impounded in its basin.

By the numbers —

Twin Buttes10/29/20187:00 a.m.1,926.5891,43229,793,208,63250.67%
Twin Buttes9/4/20183:00 p.m.1,891.428,8602,887,039,8604.91%
Gain  35.1682,57226,906,168,772 

The inflows from Oak Creek, Valley Creek and Elm Creek continue to increase the bounty in the O.H. Ivie reservoir. The Oak Creek reservoir has been overrunning its spillway since October 9. Valley Creek is overflowing the spillway at Lake Ballinger, and Elm Creek is overrunning the spillway at Lake Winters — and will continue to do so for some time. All of these creeks join the Colorado River on its way into the Ivie basin.

Ivie now stands at 220.1K acre-feet (72.3 billion gallons) translating into over 40% full, up from 13.6% at the beginning of September.

The upper Colorado continues to flow into the E.V. Spence reservoir, which currently has 124.6K acre-feet (40.6 billion gallons) and still shows a positive slope in the graph of its inflow, translating into over 24% full.

For the latest statistics on the six Concho Valley reservoirs, please click below:

[Editors Note: The story was updated to correctly identify the creek that flows into Lake Ballinger.]

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