The rains come — lakes on the rise, rivers flow


SAN ANGELO, Texas — April 24, 2019 — The rain is still falling as this article is being written. The local reservoirs will enjoy runoff for several days from the wet bounty. Due to localized heavy rainfall, flash flooding will be an issue in some low-lying areas prone to swift moving waters that can easily wash a vehicle off the road. Please be careful at these areas and remember: “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

All of the reservoirs are showing increases in water impounded. Twin Buttes has gained over a tenth of an inch in elevation which translates to 723 acre-feet of water (235.6 million gallons) in less than 24 hours and continues to rise. Oak Creek Reservoir, which has been overtopping its spillway for months, rose from just over 100% full to over 105% full. O.H. Ivie and E.V. Spence gained several thousand acre feet, helping bring the total capacity for the six reservoirs to 44.5% full, for a grand total of 206.2 billion gallons impounded. And the numbers will continue to rise as the runoff makes its way into the basins.

The current flow of the rivers and creeks (as of 7:00 a.m.) due to runoff in the area are listed below. While some flows are above average for the historical data, none are at any level of flood stage.

  • North Concho River — Above Sterling City: 3.65 feet
  • North Concho River — Sterling City: 3.41 feet
  • North Concho River — Carlsbad: 4.00 feet
  • North Concho River — Grape Creek: 5.55 feet
  • Middle Concho River — Above Tankersley: 6.27 feet
  • Spring Creek — Above Tankersley: 4.27 feet
  • Spring Creek — Above Twin Buttes: 2.33 feet
  • Dove Creek — Knickerbocker: 3.31 feet
  • South Concho — Christoval: 2.29 feet, 75.1 cubic feet per second
  • South Concho — Above Twin Buttes: 11.47 feet
  • Pecan Creek — San Angelo: .74 feet, 13.9 cubic feet per second
  • Red Arroyo — San Angelo: 10.29 feet, 76.2 cubic feet per second
  • Concho River — San Angelo: 2.87 feet, 286 cubic feet per second

Current reservoir status as of 6:00 a.m. Wednesday, April 24, 2019:

(Note: The Twin Buttes north pool is currently above the 1926.5′ elevation, at which point the north and south pools are considered equalized as a single body of water. The conservation acre-feet storage capacity, used in determining the full capacity of the reservoir, is taken from the revised March 2018 tables developed by the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Great Plains Region (using 1964 tables plus 1970 USGS Survey data) for the Middle Pool, with an additional 4,602 acre-feet added to account for the additional water in the south pool.)

Nasworthy4/24/20196:00 a.m.1,871.478,5432,783,745,09388.85%
O.C. Fisher4/24/20196:00 a.m.1,873.7014,1904,623,825,69011.88%
Oak Creek4/24/20196:00 a.m.2,000.8241,38013,483,714,380105.53%
Twin Buttes4/24/20196:00 a.m.1,932.47126,23941,135,104,38967.70%
E.V. Spence4/24/20196:00 a.m.1,861.52139,40045,423,629,40026.95%
O.H. Ivie4/24/20196:00 a.m.1,535.66302,90098,700,267,90054.64%
Total   632,652206,150,286,85244.50%

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