SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – Area lake levels have increased around three feet over the past week from runoff from last week’s heavy rains. It all occurred over a three-day period and exceeded annual averages.

Over that time, the National Weather Service recorded about four inches of rain at Mathis Field, but other areas recorded around eight. Totals that were indicated on radar, were as high as ten inches to the west and north of San Angelo.

While some are grateful for the rain, the National Weather Service expresses environmental concerns regarding the recent rains.

Christopher Daniels, from the National Weather Service, explains, “Right now soils are very saturated so if we got another storm… another heavy rain event could definitely be problematic especially for flash flooding and urban flooding. In terms of our lakes, Twin Buttes is at 56 % capacity whereas O.C. Fisher is at 7% so there is plenty of room in those reservoirs at this point.”

As a result, watershed runoff into Twin Buttes and O.C Fisher has helped increase lake levels.

He says the level at O.C Fisher increased by just under four feet and the water level at Twin Buttes increased by just under three feet. The City of San Angelo uses about 12 to 13-thousand acre-feet of water annually and the runoff into Twin Buttes over the past week has been about 14-thousand acre-feet.

The average rainfall for San Angelo is around 21 inches. The last time the Concho Valley has seen as much rain as recent storms was in 1936.