Rain chances return; Twin Buttes 45%; Ivie 200,000?


The runoff from the recent heavy rains continues to flow into reservoirs: Twin Buttes is leveling off at 45% full; Oak Creek is still running over its spillway; OC Fisher has a trickle, leveling off at 12.5% full; Nasworthy has returned to normal levels; Spence and Ivie’s inflows are starting to show signs of leveling off, but are not done yet.

Nearly half full, Twin Buttes dramatic increase has delighted lake enthusiast who can now use the once high-and-dry boat launching ramps which used to be driven by on the way to the shoreline. The equalization channel (EQ) between the south and north pool still flows at a receding rate today, but it will take more rainfall in the saturated soils of the Concho Valley to equalize the pools into one body of water.

In the graph above, it shows the lake level of the Twin Buttes Reservoir leveling off near the 1925′ mark.

There are rain chances in the forecast starting today, and climaxing on Wednesday. Some areas may receive localized heavy rainfall, leading to the possibility of flash flooding and low-water crossing hazards. Stay tuned to the stations’ newscast for the latest updates as the situation unfolds.

Lake Ivie has gained well over 100,000 acre-feet of water since September, leading the way in the amount of water impounded. As of today, the reservoir is 34.37% full, up from 13% at the start of last month. It has 190,500 acre-feet of water (62 billion gallons) as of 7:00 a.m., October 22, 2018. The graph of its input stream flows is showing signs of leveling off, that amount will be reported when the final level is known. The reservoir may hit the 200,000 acre-feet of water mark in the near future, especially given this week’s forecast.


As always, take water flowing over a road very seriously. Many road surfaces that have been water-logged are developing potholes and other road deteriorations that would not be seen in flooding situations. “Turn around, don’t drown!”

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